The World’s Smallest Craft Sale project: Day 4

I couldn’t spent any time on the project because I was busy with my full-time job all day 😦 project: Day 5

A friend of a friend asked if she could see all of my soap. I brought everything I had that was cured and ready to be sold. Another friend happened to be there; that means I had two customers at my world’s smallest craft sale. And…

The soaps are sold out!!

I’m not officially selling soaps yet, so I didn’t have them labeled. But who knows what people are allergic to! Therefore, I decided to make a quick chart of ingredients.

soap ingredient chart (Just so you know, the chart is not too exciting to look at)

But at this point, I should start making labels; including the name of my company, my website address, and most importantly, ingredients!

The next step I should take (other than creating a website) is to:

  • research the Canadian laws regarding selling and labeling soap.
  • create attractive and low cost labels.


These are some of the soaps I took to the sale.

IMG_7670 - Copy
Coconut fragrance clay soap
Taiwan swirl soap
Avocado soap

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