Easter Soap

Chichi.ca project: day 6

Today’s Chichi.ca project was carried out in Chichi’s soap lab.

If/when I start selling my soap constantly, I should probably have my signature recipe.

I am thinking about avoiding using palm oil. Apparently, it’s causing decrease in the orangutan population because palm oil is not sustainable. Some suppliers claim that their palm oil is sustainable, but I think it’s safe to just not use it at all.

I am also avoiding using animal fat, such as tallow and lard, in case I have vegetarian or vegan customers.

Today, I tried out the recipe from Soaping 101. The host of Soaping 101 is very knowledgeable, and her Youtube channel is my bible.

She uses what she calls “Bastile soap recipe” for most of her soap with intricate designs.

So I tried to make Chichi.ca Easter soap with her recipe, but when I put the colourant…

The trace accelerated tooooo suddenly!!! There were not many things I could have done at that point, so I just pushed the mashed potato-like soap batter into the mold… So sad 😦

Now, an analysis of the unfortunate event for future Chichi.ca success. What went wrong?  What could have happened??

  • First of all, I shouldn’t have used olive pomace oil, because I heard that it would accelerate the trace faster than pure olive oil or extra virgin olive oil.
  • Second, it could have been the fragrance. But I have used this particular fragrance in the past, and I don’t remember having a problem…
  • The soap batter accelerated when I added the colourant. So, it might have been just a coincidence, but could it have been the combination of the fragrance and the colourant?
  • When the temperature of soap batter is high, it causes a sudden acceleration of the trace. But I was very patient today, and made sure that the oil and lye solution was below 85F.


I don’t have the photo of the soap I made today, so I present to you the soap I made in December, with the same fragrance I used today.

IMG_7660 - Copy
Chocolate cake soap

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