Pineapple Body Butter

Since I say “soap and more!” on the title, I should talk about things other than soap. Here is the memo from when I made body butter for the first time:) experiment log – body butter

The basic recipe for body butter was obtained from Susan who is the author of Point of Interest!

  • 59% water
  • 3% glycerin
  • 15% oil
  • 10% butter
  • 8% E-wax
  • 3% stearic acid
  • 0.5-1% preservative
  • 1% fragrance

I didn’t have stearic acid, so I used 3% cetyl alcohol instead. Susan recommends Germall Plus as a preservative but I didn’t have that either. Therefore, it was replaced with Geogard Ultra, and it was added to the water phase (at the end of the “heating and holding” process), as the supplier indicated that Geogard Ultra wouldn’t handle heat (higher than 60C) well.

Since this was my very first attempt, I kept the recipe very simple. recipe:

  • Water 118g
  • Glycerin 6g
  • Sweet almond oil 30g
  • Shea butter 20g
  • E-wax 16g
  • Cetyl alcohol 6g
  • Geogard Ultra 2g
  • Pineapple fragrant oil 2g

The product is very nice! It seems a bit oily at first, but it gets absorbed into skin very shortly after application. Some people may not like the smell of shea butter, but I like it.

I would have liked a piping bag so I could have just piped the butter into the jar, instead of scooping the very thick butter with a spoon and making a mess.

I also realized that I would need a better scale to weigh ingredients when I only need very small amounts, such as preservatives and fragrances.

Overall, it was a success!!

Next time, I will try using mango butter instead of shea butter to see if it will be even better!


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