Easter Soap Part 2

I am not very happy with my Easter soap 😦

I think the chocolate fragrance oil had vanilla in it. So, it changed the soap colour to brown even though I used titanium dioxide!

If you are a beginner at soap making, you should know that fragrance oils that contain vanilla turn your soap brown. I would purchase a colour stabilizer if I liked this chocolate fragrance and wanted to use it everywhere, but fortunately, I don’t like it that much.

I bought this fragrance oil when I was a fresh beginner, and knew nothing about soap making. Now, I recall that I always made brown soap with this fragrance oil; that is why I never had this problem! Aha!!


Chichi.ca project: Day 7 & 8

I’m a little frustrated that the Chichi.ca project is not moving forward as quickly as I hoped for because my full-time job is plunging into the busiest season of the year. But…

A windfall happened today 🙂 I visited a wholesale store in Winnipeg, Canada on a work related errand. Wow!! They have everything and it’s all really cheap! I found cute paper bags that I can sell soap in, silicone paste that I can make my own soap mold with, labels that I can print ingredients on, etc! I didn’t have too much time today, but I will definitely visit again when I can spend a whole day.

After this weekend, I should be able to spend more time on Chichi.ca. So I will be setting up my website. Stay tuned!

Hidden Rainbow Easter soap


This soap (below) is naturally coloured with alkanet root powder. I made this in the early February, so it should be ready by the mid March for people who don’t want winter to be over. (I probably can’t find anyone in Winnipeg..)

Snow Flake soap



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