Website! project: Day 13 & 14

I spent two very frustrating days creating my own website; it just didn’t want to go smoothly.

I had to talk to the website hosting company (I’m using Although they do 24/7 support and are pretty quick responding on chat, my problem just couldn’t be solved 😦

But I made it work today! What was wrong was that I was using Firefox. I tried Chrome, and now everything is working 😀 Yay!

You can’t click on any buttons right now, but if you are interested in visiting my under-construction website, click here.


And, from Chichi’s soap lab…

Today, I started making rimmed soap, which is the theme of the soap challenge of the month.

The rimmed soap technique is slightly more intricate than I would usually prefer to make soap with… but WHY NOT! To learn and try out new techniques is the whole reason why I’m participating in this challenge.

So, this is the soap (picture below) that’s going to be sliced in thin sheets, and become rims.


I really hope this will work, because otherwise, I will have a bunch of unscented soap (you are not supposed to use any scent in the rim part of the soap).

To be continued…


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