Cantaloupe Soap project: Day 15 & 16 – from Chichi’s soap lab

I did it! I made rimmed soap!!

Even though I already paid for the soap challenge of the month, I almost didn’t participate in it because the rimmed soap technique looked difficult and too much work… But, that’s not the entrepreneur’s spirit! I have to participate!

So, you all know about the process up to this point (picture below).


From this, I made a soap sheet that is 4 mm thick, rolled it and made a cylinder.

Today, I made 100% coconut soap batter and poured it into the centre of the cylinder. I know some people think 100% coconut soap is too cleansing, but it’s actually very mild and moisturizing with 20% super fat 🙂

And… This is the final product.


The outside is light yellow/green, and the inside is pale orange, the scent is a blend of fruity essential oils and fragrance oils, so I named it “Cantaloupe Soap”.

The website, is improving too. There are more buttons you can click on. Visit if you are interested in checking out the improvements I made so far; just make sure you don’t try purchasing any of the products yet.


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