Fun Fun Fun! project: Day 17

Today, I received a package from New Directions Aromatics.

Even though I paid for this, it was like a surprise gift to me.

So…Chichi’s expenses are:

  • Coconut oil (5L)
  • Mango Butter (1kg)
  • Avocado Butter (1kg)
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract Preservative – helps oil from rancid

And… some fun additions to Chichi’s Fun & Fancy soap line.

  • Lab colours (Lime and Canary)
  • Fragrance oils (picture below)


I think choosing suppliers is a big part of running a business successfully, especially for a tiny company like

Of course, everything is cheaper when you buy things in bulk, but I have to consider the shipping cost, expiry date of the materials, the amount I need, etc., in order to keep my soap price as reasonable as possible.

The other suppliers I often make purchases from (other than New Directions Aromatics) are:


No U.S. suppliers, at least for now… 😦




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