Membership project: Day 22

I am proud to announce that I am now a member of the Canadian Guild of Soapmakers, Candles & Cosmetic Crafters!

This means that I can get the latest information about Canadian laws regarding handmade cosmetics, I can purchase the insurance designed for selling handmade soap and cosmetics, and I can purchase supplies with a discount from certain suppliers 🙂

With this tool, I can run properly!



From Chichi’s soap lab today…

I started to make a batch of soap, and I suddenly realized that I was out of avocado oil!

But I couldn’t wait. I wanted to make soap right then. Chichi doesn’t wait.

So… I replaced avocado oil with camellia seed oil. That was an expensive decision.

I could have replaced it with olive oil, but all I had was pomace olive oil. I wanted to avoid using olive pomace oil because I find that it thickens soap batter too quickly, and it doesn’t let me do any fancy swirls. In soapmaker’s language, it “accelerates trace”.

So the technique I tried today was a drop swirl. It’s (supposed to be) simple, but I’m bad at it 😦

I will cut it tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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