Margarita Soap

I’m getting busier and busier with my full-time job and university as the season end of the season approaches. Therefore, I don’t have much time to work on The project is not moving forward as quickly as I want it to be, but I am not going to get stressed out because I decided that I would go slow. I’m constantly telling myself that it was supposed to be the project after I retire!

Chichi project: Day 29

In the blog on Day 9, I said “I’m thinking about having different lines of soaps, such as all-natural, fun & fancy, for men, etc.” The new soap is totally in the Fun & Fancy line (and is also vegan friendly).

I still have to work on the design, because I was going to try a spin swirl, but the soap batter thickened too quickly because I used mango butter. I think this recipe would work better with a butterfly swirl or something similar.

I used lab colours, so the colour is very bright and vivid like a high-lighter 😀 The scent is Margarita from New Directions Aromatics, which smells sooo good and fresh!

The new ingredients I tried out


This was born 🙂

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