Chichi vs Cream Soap project: Day 36

I have been trying to make cream soap but it hasn’t been a success… šŸ˜¦

My first attempt: I tried a very untraditional method, which is making cream soap with soap bars and liquid soap that have been already made by me.

The basic rule to make cream soap is to use both Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide.

For my blog readers who are unfamiliar with the soap making process, when butters and oils meet Sodium Hydroxide, they create solid soap, and when butters and oils meet Potassium Hydroxide, they create liquid soap.

So, whey you want to make cream soap, you use both, then you get the soap that is halfway between solid and liquid; hence, cream soap.

But I had so much soap scraps, and I had just made a new batch of liquid soap, so I decided to use the untraditional method I found. Since I was a beginner, I followed the directions down to the micron.

The result: a nice creamy texture with a pearly shimmer, which is exactly what it should have looked like. But!!! It didn’t make any bubbles šŸ˜¦ To this day, I still have no idea what went wrong.

This is the pretty cream soap that didn’t function

My second attempt (yesterday): I stayed away from making cream soap because my spirit was broken, but I want to have a wide range of products at So I tried again, with the traditional method this time.

Grrrr… I created a very thick paste that I cannot even stir! I had to knead it by hand (gloves on!) because my wooden spoon was about to break. That’s why the paste has my finger marks on it.

My second batch curing in the bucket

The green colour is from the organic hemp seed oil I used in the formula.

According to the info, the paste will soften as it sits (you are supposed to wait for a month before use), so there’s hope.

But if this doesn’t become cream soap, cream soap might be out from…


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