Shampoo with a New Formula project: Day 35 – from Chichi’s lab

I made original shampoo with a new formula!

According to my mentor, Susan from Point of Interest!, we shouldn’t be washing hair everyday, but if you want to, the shampoo used should be very mild. (Just to clarify, I’m calling her my mentor because I love reading her blog and learned so much from her, but she doesn’t know that I have become her pupil, and/or she doesn’t know me at all.)

I use very mild surfactants to make shampoo.

I wish I could use handmade soap as a shampoo bar, like many people do, but it doesn’t work for me. It’s just too alkaline, and my hair gets really dry when I use soap as shampoo 😦

The last shampoo I made was too watery, because I didn’t put any thickener.

Therefore, I used Crothix as a thickener in my formula this time.

The only thing I didn’t know about Crothix was that it takes some time to thicken the liquid… It didn’t get as thick as I wanted right away, so I kept adding the thickener, and now, the shampoo is (Ahh.. I don’t want to say this but) a batch of goo…

Note to myself: next time, use less thickener, or add a little bit at a time slowly and see how it goes.

But I am confident that the quality and the contents of the shampoo are great so I’m not afraid to use it 🙂



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