Ghost Swirl project: Day 40

I created the best formula I could using what I had; this soap will be nice and bubbly, yet very creamy and conditioning after it is fully cured.

I like how the colour and the swirl turned out too. I tried to do a ghost swirl. The soap batter thickened up a bit quicker than I hoped for because I used shea butter, but it worked out ok.


I know that you think “Chichi is always talking about putting some kind of butter in, and complaining about soap batter thickening up too quickly. Hasn’t she learned yet?”

I have! I have learned that I shouldn’t put butters in soap if I want a slow trace (I should especially avoid cacao butter!), I just cannot resist the idea of having shea butter, mango butter or avocado butter in soap. I just think that butters make soap very nutrient rich, high-quality, effective at conditioning, and good for the skin 🙂

And… just for fun, I played with the soap scraps from the Japanada soap.




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