Honeybee Blessed Soap

Chichi.ca project: Day 47

After I played with the fragrance oils and the colorants, I am back to “natural” soap.

Although there is no legal regulation for using the word “natural”, it is to me that no synthetic or artificial ingredients used (except sodium hydroxide because I can’t make soap without it) in the products.

I have been meaning to use bee’s wax and bee pollen, so I made the honeybee blessed soap.


I added buckwheat honey to the bottom yellow layer, no additives to the middle white layer, and bee pollen to the top green-ish layer. No scent added. I created the honeycomb shape on top using a piece of bubble wrap.

Because the bottom layer contains sugar, I put it in the fridge in order to avoid over heating the soap. So it was impossible for me to prevent soda ash… But since it’s natural soap, I think it’s somewhat advantageous to have the rustic, antique look 🙂

It was an interesting discovery that bee pollen makes soap green…



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