Ghost Swirl Soap After Curing project: Day 59

Sadly, I don’t have time to make any new products at this moment because of my study for the university 😦

But, I still study my soap everyday (look at it, pick it up, turn it around, smell it, squeeze it, and smell it again lol) Today, I was looking at the ghost swirl soap which I made the other day, and I was fascinated by the discolouration in the soap caused by the fragrance oil.

So, this is the picture of the ghost swirl soap a day after I made it.


And the picture of the same soap after about 3 weeks of curing.


It’s still pretty and smells good, but I don’t think I can call it ghost swirl anymore.

This is why you should always make test batches when you use new fragrance oils or colourants, and not sell your products until they are fully cured.


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