Orange Chocolate Soap project: Day 85

It’s been more than two weeks since the last blog post.

This is partially because of my busy days with my full-time job and part-time student life, but mainly, I had a failed soap between the last post and this post.

I was going to make a rimmed-soap. I did everything right, but the soap ended up being too brittle, and it made it impossible for me to make a tube (the outside part of rimmed-soap) without breaking a sheet of soap.

You will never see the failed soap because I was so sad and frustrated that I chopped it up into scraps right then.

I couldn’t make myself try another rimmed-soap (at least for now), and remembered that I said I would be making chocolate soap in this post, so I made orange chocolate soap.

Scents I used in this soap

I was going to use real chocolate in the soap, but I was worried that the sugar in the chocolate might accelerate the trace, so I used cacao powder instead and lots of cacao butter. The soap will be really rich and creamy 🙂

And, here is the soap!


I think the brown will get darker as the soap cures.

It would have been really nice if I could stick a slice of dried orange into it, but I didn’t know where I could find them locally.


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