Double Butter Soap project: Day 90

I used mango butter and avocado butter in this soap; hence, Double Butter Soap.

The soap batter thickened up very quickly, but I knew that that would happen so I wasn’t planning on doing any swirls. (I’m learning :))

It’s not fancy, but I think it’s very cute.


Not only am I learning about trace speeds, but I am also getting better at gelling soap. When I don’t force gelling, my soap doesn’t gel at all, or ends up being partially gelled. When it’s winter, I just turn the apartment heater on, close the door, and put the new soap close to the heater. But I don’t want to do that during summer.

So I decided to warm-up the oven (170C) and turn it off right before I put the soap in the oven. This way I don’t have to worry about my soap catching on fire, but I am able to gel the soap. The last two batches of soap gelled all the way successfully.

Even though gelling is totally optional (non-gelled soap is as good as gelled soap), in my opinion, gelled soap tends to have brighter colours, and a smoother surface.

The scent I used was a combination of coconut fragrance oil and lime essential oil. I knew that the combination would be great because I have done it before with this soap (picture below), and it smelled great.

IMG_7670 - Copy

It smells very fresh but somewhat sweet. I think it’s going to be a great soap for summer!


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  1. violetannie63 says:

    They look beautiful 🙂


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