Rooibos Tea Soap project: Day 96

I am celebrating my master’s degree paper submission 🙂

The paper was for 100% of my mark for this semester. I don’t know the result yet and am really worried, but there is nothing I can do at this point. So I made soap!

I like making soap with lots of colours and intricate swirls,  but after a few batches of fancy soap, I always want to go back to natural looking soap.

And yesterday, I was in the natural soap mood.

The photo below is of the featured ingredients used in the new soap. I replaced the whole water amount with organic Rooibos tea, and added dried calendula pedals at the end.


I also put a tea spoon of silk peptide (I didn’t take a photo of it because it’s just a white powder in a plastic bag).

The scent is a blend of orange essential oil, bergamot essential oil, and pineapple fragrance oil. The colour is purely from the Rooibos tea 🙂


Rooibos tea, calendula, and silk! The soap will be very gentle on the skin.


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