Lilac Soap project: Day 97

I’m going back to Japan to have a visit with my friends and family soon. I know that my mom likes lilac, so I decided to make some soap with my lilac fragrance oil for her as a gift.

I wanted to make it somewhat fancy, therefore, I got some titanium dioxide, blue and pink ultramarine, chlorella powder, and pearl white mica ready.

But I had many other purposes for making this lilac soap, and it was a bad idea…

First, I wanted to use up the cocoa butter because I’m moving soon and I wanted to get rid of as much soap ingredients as I possibly can.

Second, I did a water discount to thicken up the soap batter because I wanted to pipe some soap on top to make it fancier.

Third, I used a good amount of rice bran oil because I bought a bottle long ago but I have never tried it before.

You shouldn’t try too many new things at the same time, well, at least I shouldn’t have…

I didn’t think this through, but when I looked back on the process, I realized that everything I did, including using the floral fragrance oil, made the soap batter thicken up too quickly.

By the time I was ready to pour the soap into the mold, it wasn’t batter anymore; it was paste!

I pushed everything into the mold, and did the piping, but the batter was almost too hard to pipe.

So, the lilac soap is very different from what I had in my mind (I was thinking about doing a hanger swirl but no!). And of course, it has many air bubbles and pockets (that happens when you get soap batter too thick to pour).

But, it looks better than I thought it would.


I like the pearl white mica oil drizzle on top. It’s nice and shiny, and it distracts from the bad air pockets… 😛

Close up

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