Bath Bomb #2 (Eucalyptus) project: Day 100!!

Since the first attempt at making bath bombs went really well, I moved on to a more advanced recipe, with corn starch and epsom salt to see the difference.

I was underestimating bath bomb making…

Apparently, the lavender bath bombs went smoothly because of beginner’s luck. This time, I had a very difficult time shaping the bath bombs. After unmolding them the first time, they were too soft and didn’t keep their shape. I had to repeat the molding/unmolding process three times!

CIMG2795At this point, I thought the dough was ready, but NO!!! I ended up adding way more Witch Hazel (at least 20ml more after this).

The bath bombs are drying right now. I will go check on them in a few hours, but if they are still too soft, I think I will have to give up…and just use it as fizzy powder.

The scent is mainly eucalyptus with a hint of rosemary.


If it works out ok, they are going to be very soothing in hot, humid Japan 🙂


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