Finally! Some New Soaps


It had been a very very long time without soaping 😦

I couldn’t make any soap during the summer because I was in Japan.

After  I came back to Canada, I still couldn’t make any soap because I had to move from Manitoba to Ontario, and I had to leave my soap equipment and ingredients behind because of the cost of moving.

I collected the equipment and ingredients little by little from scratch, and today, I was finally able to update my soap blog with the pictures of some new soaps I made in the last couple of weeks 🙂

I apologize for the poor quality of the photos because I had to leave my photo studio behind too 😦

Christmas Soap (drop swirl)
Rose Soap (spoon swirl)
Hot Process Soap (hanger swirl)

I tried the fluid hot process soap technique for the first time, and it really worked! I was able to do the hanger swirl on hot process soap!!

Although my new job (which I moved between the provinces for) is busier than my old job, I am planning to make soap and update my blog more often, with new recipes, new techniques, etc.

Stay tuned!!


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