Coffee Soap & More

Last year around this time, I bought the domain “” and decided to do a project about starting my own online soap store from scratch. It has not been going as quickly as I had hoped, but I haven’t given up on it. I am just very very busy right now.

But I’m still making soap when I can.

After I moved to a city in Ontario, I discovered a nice cafe in my neighbourhood so I used their coffee beans to make coffee soap. Water in the recipe was replaced with freshly brewed coffee, and some coffee grounds as gentle exfoliants.


I also made coconut lime soap. I used coconut milk instead of water. Something didn’t go too well with the coconut lime soap; it seemed that the colourant I used made the soap batter lumpy. Also I didn’t do a water discount, so it’s got glycerin rivers. I wasn’t happy with their appearance at first, but the longer I look at them, the more they grow on me.


I made 11 bars of the coconut lime soap, but since I didn’t like them too much, I made confetti and soap balls out of them, and made citrus soap.


I used pink grapefruit and lime essential oils. They are going to be very refreshing spring soap bars 🙂


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