Bamboo Forest Soap

I bought a small package of bamboo powder from the store called Peach Pig while I was in Japan (I made sure that it is skin safe and can be used as a soap additive).

The powder is beige and fluffy.

Since I decided to put bamboo powder in to my new creation, I wanted the soap to have a bamboo forest type of look.

And… here it is!

Bumboo Forest Soap 2

Everything went well for this soap batch. The colour, the swirl, even the cutting went well (I suck at cutting soap)! It’s scented with Teaberry Mint fragrance oil from Saffireblue. I recommend this fragrance oil to other soapers. It’s got a sweet, but very fresh scent, and cause no acceleration or discolouration! This is going to be a very nice spring soap 🙂

I didn’t add any colourant to the base part of the soap, but I’m not sure if the beige colour is from the extra virgin olive oil I used, or from the bamboo powder.


My next project is going to be a Jasmine theme!

Next project I found the dried Jasmine flower at a local Asian supermarket, and the “Satsuma, Mandarin, Jasmine” fragrance oil is from my EO/FO collection!


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