Satsuma Jasmine Soap

I bought a jar of dried Jasmine flowers at a local Asian supermarket.

Next project

And luckily, I had Satsuma, Mandarin Jasmine fragrance oil at home, so I decided to make a batch of jasmine themed soap.

I have never seen a real blooming jasmine tree (or I may have seen one but I just didn’t recognize it), so I googled “jasmine flowers” and learned that they have a some yellow parts.

The leaves are green and the main parts of the flowers are white, so I used those three colours.

I wanted to pipe cute flowers on top of the soap, but I was too impatient and didn’t wait long enough for the soap batter to harden… 😦

But I think they ended up looking very pretty.

Satsuma Jasmin Soap


A little preview of my next project. Cranberry soap with cranberry seeds in it!

Cranberry seeds


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