Margarita Soap

I have been failing to update my blog, but I’m still making soap.

Although I’m not any closer to officially selling my soap since the last blog post, I brought a bunch of soap bars to work as Christmas gifts to my co-workers, and they loved my soap! I think most were gone by the end of the first day 🙂

Since I don’t have much time to research how to become an official soap seller for now, my focus is on how to make more soap with less effort.

So… I went for a bigger batch this time.

Dec20_2017_M3 (248)-edit

I washed and sanitized the bucket in which my 5L coconut oil was shipped, and used it to mix 2,300 grams oil and butter, 690 grams of water and over 300 grams of lye (sodium hydroxide).

I made 28 bars at once!

The base soap is scented with margarita fragrance oil from New Directions Aromatics, and the soap balls on top are scented with lime essential oil.

Because this was my biggest batch ever, I needed to use a simple swirl technique, so I wouldn’t end up with so many un-presentable soap bars that I couldn’t even give away. Therefore, I decided to use the In-The-Pot swirl.

Dec20_2017_M3 (257)-edit

After pouring all the soap batter into the mold, I sprinkled white mica coated sea salt on top (because it’s margarita soap!)


I can’t say the soap is perfect, but it worked out pretty well overall. The only problem is that the 28 soap bars don’t have a place to go. Well… I have a month to think about it (while the soap is curing).


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