Menthol Crystal Soap

When I looked through my old blog posts, I realized that I have been making way too many green soaps. Then, I found a batch of soap that I made a half year ago sitting on my soap drying rack , and didn’t write about it. So, that’s what I am doing today.

I really like the colour of this soap; it has a “vintage” look to me because of the rustic pink, faded light blue, and dried cornflower on top.

IMG_7669-edit-3The feature of this soap is that it has menthol crystals in it.

According to my research, I could have used menthol crystals up to 2%. But I used only 0.5%, partially because I didn’t want it to be too strong, and partially because menthol crystals are expensive…

But next time, I will experiment with 2% menthol because 0.5% didn’t provide the desired cooling sensation at all. If it ends up being too strong, I will make it a “feet only” soap 🙂


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